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A Guide To Know About Website Navigation Best Practices

Website navigation is an essential tool that affects the traffic on your website. Effective navigation is the key to drive the traffic towards your website and helps in turning into conversions and sales.

 Tips For Website Navigation Design

  • Knowing your audience.
  • Keep it simple
  • Working within the existing web design parameters.

Various Website Navigation practices are:

Use descriptive Labels In Your Navigation

It is helpful for the visitors and for the search engines as it tells about your brand name and work.  Labels which use good phrases for the visitors and popular key phrases should be used according to Google Keyword Tool. Avoid using labels like ‘services’ and ‘solutions’.

Avoid Format Based Navigation

When you make a website do not use navigation labels such as ‘ videos’,  ‘photos’ as these only tell the visitors the format of the content but do not provide information on the topic. People mostly look for the information on a website rather than videos or the whitepapers. As these labels are not descriptive, these do not provide support to the users.

Avoid the Use of Drop-Down Menus

Avoiding the use of drop-down menus which is beneficial for search engines because it is difficult for the search engines to crawl. These menus are annoying to the users as they move fast and even important pages may be skipped.

Keeping Seven Menu Items on Navigation Bar

If you have a few items in your navigation it is good for the search engines and also for the visitors. If there are more items in your navigation it is more difficult to remember the information. Long lists should be avoided. Navigation can be broken into groups of five to seven items.

Give Importance to The Order of Your Website Navigation

In the website navigation items at the start and at the end create a more effect on the visitors when they navigate through it. The important items related to your business can be put in these places.

Optimizing Your Website Navigation

After creating your navigation, Analytics can be used to do the evaluation. It helps in getting ideas about which navigation items are used by the visitors and which are not used.


Thus, website navigation is an important aspect of user experience design. It helps in finding the relevant information. It helps a user in making a decision related to your website.

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